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5:00 AM and I’m awake again.

For the passed few days, weeks even I’ve been having restless nights, void nights. When I eventually fall asleep It’s time for me to wake up. Each morning I try to remember the dream I could’ve had that night. Then … Continue reading

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Note to self

I don’t want to worry about whatever is going on. There are a lot of things that I can do. As they say, it’s just a matter of perspective. I know now, I can be happy. I’ve had my decision. … Continue reading

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It’s amazing how my world is getting more and more hard. It’s amazing the way last month opens your eyes to your real friends; friends who would do anything to see you, make stuff up, not friends who makes us … Continue reading

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It’s Only The Beginning

I feel like blogging tonight but in bullets because paragraphs don’t make sense right now. Last month has been extremely stressful. I felt betrayed. I wanted to shut myself off from the world to minimize the pain. I need a … Continue reading

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