5:00 AM and I’m awake again.

For the passed few days, weeks even I’ve been having restless nights, void nights. When I eventually fall asleep It’s time for me to wake up. Each morning I try to remember the dream I could’ve had that night. Then I’d realize I had none at all. I had nothing.

And so for the rest of the day I’m this void person. A groggy, stressed out girl who has her mind wandering, ignoring tasks she’s supposed to be doing. Not caring, just thinking.

Finally last night, I had a dream. And I remember this clearly because it’s the happiest I’ve had since there’s only been emptiness. It was very pleasant, like everything I want to be feeling right now. Reality hasn’t been good to me lately. And even the faintest sign of having that kind of dream.

A carefree moment amidst the reality. In my stressful life right now that would be amazing. And if I can’t have that then all I can do right now, is wish that I could sleep forever.


About TinP

Currently surrounded by the future.
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