It’s Only The Beginning

  • I feel like blogging tonight but in bullets because paragraphs don’t make sense right now.
  • Last month has been extremely stressful. I felt betrayed.
  • I wanted to shut myself off from the world to minimize the pain. I need a damn break.
  • Everything’s so messed up to the point that I just want to break down and cry.
  • I didn’t want things to get complicated. They all just did.
  • For what it’s worth, I had really good memories with you guys. But apparently now they’re covered with the bad ones.
  • Okay, enough of the drama. Let’s all move on and be happy.
  • Grateful because I have a very supportive family.
  • To my friends who care enough to want to make me better. Thank you.
  • Starting a new chapter of my life. God really loves me. I will always thank him for the blessings that he has given me and to what he will be giving me in the future.

About TinP

Currently surrounded by the future.
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